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Blonde Soundtrack list – As a young girl, Norma Jeane Mortenson grew up being raised by her mentally unstable mother Gladys. On her seventh birthday in 1933, she is given a framed picture of a man Gladys claims is her father. Later that night, a fire breaks out in the Hollywood Hills, and Gladys drives Norma Jeane up there, claiming that her father lives there, but is forced to go back home at the orders of the police. An enraged Gladys tries to drown Norma Jeane in the bathtub when she asks about her father but lets her go. Norma Jeane escapes to the house of her neighbor, Miss Flynn, who promises she will be fine. A few days later, Norma Jeane is sent to an orphanage while Gladys is admitted to a mental hospital, having been declared unfit to raise a child.

In the 1940s, Norma Jeane becomes a pin-up girl under the stage name of “Marilyn Monroe”, appearing on magazine covers and calendars. While trying to break into the acting industry, she is raped by film studio president Mr. Z. In 1951, she auditions for the role of Nell in Don’t Bother to Knock. The audition goes poorly after she breaks down and leaves in tears, but she impresses the casting director enough to give her the part. As her acting career steadily rises, she meets Charles “Cass” Chaplin Jr. and Edward G. “Eddy” Robinson Jr., with whom she begins a polyamorous relationship. Norma Jeane lands her breakout role in 1953 with Niagara, but after she is spotted in public with Cass and Eddy, she is told by her agent to limit her appearances with them in public, which upsets her because she feels that her persona of Marilyn is just a role and not her true self.

Norma Jeane becomes pregnant with Cass’s child, much to her delight, but eventually decides to have an abortion out of fear that the child might inherit Gladys’ mental issues. Cass supports her decision. On the day of the appointment, she changes her mind, but it is too late. Following the abortion, she breaks things off with Cass and Eddy. She later meets Joe DiMaggio, a retired athlete who sympathizes with her when she expresses her desire to leave Hollywood and become a more serious actress in New York City. As she films Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, she receives a letter from a man claiming to be her father. Norma Jeane feels disconnected from her onscreen performance at the film’s premiere, saying it is not her. She returns to her hotel room, having been told that someone is waiting for her. Expecting it to be her father, she instead finds Joe, who asks to marry her, which she accepts reluctantly.

Norma Jeane and Joe’s marriage sours when Cass and Eddy give Joe some nude publicity pictures of her, which enrages Joe so much that he hits her and demands that she refuse to do The Seven Year Itch out of principle. However, she still goes through with filming, doing the famous publicity stunt with the white dress. When she gets home, a drunken Joe screams and gets physically violent with her. She divorces him shortly after.

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Blonde SoundTrack Songs List

01. Pearly (6:44)
02. Shard (2:53)
03. Fire In The Hills (3:59)
04. Gemini (5:22)
05. Abortion (2:32)
06. Glass Sliver (1:01)
07. Gemini Acoustic (6:06)
08. Goddess Of Love On A Subway Grating (2:25)
09. Strawberry (1:46)
10. Bright Horses (Instrumental) (3:46)
11. Peroxide (6:21)
12. I Love Love Love You All (3:12)
13. Wig (3:23)
14. Nembutal (2:55)
15. A World Of Light (6:47)

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