Beyond The Gates (Shooting Dogs) Songs List

Beyond The Gates (Shooting Dogs)
Written by BeeBee
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Beyond The Gates (Shooting Dogs) Soundtrack list – In 1994 Rwanda, simmering tensions between Hutus and Tutsis boil over into full-scale genocide. Two men, a priest named Father Christopher (John Hurt) and British schoolteacher Joe Connor (Hugh Dancy), get caught up in the conflict and stay behind to help those who seek shelter at the Ecole Technique Officielle. Joe Connor is a teacher at the École Technique Officielle outside Kigali, run by Father Christopher. The school is also home to a company of Belgian soldiers under the command of Captain Delon, as part of the UN peacekeeping mandate. Joe is close to a girl, Marie, who Christopher believes has a crush on him. In early April 1994, they observe a number of events that cause Christopher some concern, including lists being made of Tutsi families, reports of Hutu mobs attacking Tutsis elsewhere in the country, and a suspicious interest shown by Christopher’s government contact in the number of UN troops at the school.

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Beyond The Gates (Shooting Dogs) SoundTrack Songs List

01. Hell’s Gate (1:35)
02. Nyirigira (1:23)
03. Empty Roads (1:29)
04. Machetes (3:55)
05. Is God Here (1:19)
06. Dufite Imana Ikomeye Cyane (1:33)
07. Last Offering (2:16)
08. The Radion Won’t Stop (2:25)
09. Speechless (2:43)
10. No Way Out (3:37)
11. How Do You Call This? (3:18)
12. Wari Mw’isi (0:37)
13. Remember Us (5:16)
14. We Turned Our Backs (3:42)

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