Best Soundtracks From 80’s Movies

Best Soundtracks From 80's Movies
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We have collected the best soundtracks from the films of the 80s-from “Back to the Future” to “Rocky 3”. We hope you are already ready for dirty dancing.

1. Beverly Hills Cop 1984

A lively comedy with a young Eddie Murphy was loved by many viewers – humour and shootouts, as well as a dynamic soundtrack, did their job.

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2. Best Shooter 1986

The film, in which a talented US Air Force pilot played by Tom Cruise gets into an elite school of aces, is remembered, of course, by everyone. But it’s impossible to imagine the story of Maverick and the Goose without a Berlin song.

3. Dirty Dancing 1987

The cult film about the sudden passion between a rich beauty and a rebel dancer won the hearts of all girls in the late 80s, and the songs became real hits.

4. Rocky 3 1982

I’m sure you’re still playing the soundtrack from the Philadelphia boxer saga when you break new records at the gym. This is understandable. When you hear this song, your hand reaches for dumbbells and boxing gloves.

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5. Terminator 1984

In the most significant movie of the first half of the 80s, this song was played during the scene in the bar where the Terminator came to find and kill Sarah Connor. Fortunately, the main character escaped, and we will always remember this song.

6. Ghostbusters 1984

“Who will you call? Ghostbusters! ” Here and you don’t need to add anything.

7. Cobra 1986

Sylvester Stallone and his future wife Bridget Nielsen star in the dark and bloody thriller about police officer Cobretti, who bravely fought against a sect of psychopaths and murderers. Figure Nielsen and this song are a very hot mix.

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8. Highlander 1986

The legendary Queen recorded the soundtrack for the film about the immortal Scotsman, explaining that they really liked the plot. And we are very happy that it turned out that way – the song has become truly iconic and immortal.

9. The Taming of the Shrew 1980

The comedy about a flighty farmer from the Italian hinterland, who knows his own worth, was a real breakthrough for Ornella Muti. We remember this film also because of the famous Celentano dance in a barrel of grapes to this light song.

10. Who framed Roger Rabbit in 1988

The sensual and vicious wife of the main character Roger Rabbit languidly sang this song, causing a stormy delight not only from the detective performed by Bob Hoskins, but also from the fascinated viewer (we hope you were already at least 10 years old when you watched this erotic scene).

11. Rain Man 1988

Another film with a young Tom Cruise, in which he was lucky enough to work with the brilliant Dustin Hoffman. The audience got great pleasure from the film, Hoffman received his second Oscar, and Tom Cruise became a real Hollywood star.

12. Acca 1987

Solovyov’s cult film about Soviet youth who wanted to change in the late ‘ 80s was partly due to the chosen soundtrack artists. Tsoi, Grebenshchikov, and Aguzarova-all of them became the voices of a generation and the decoration of this cinematic manifesto.

13. Professional 1981

The inimitable Jean-Paul Belmondo, smiling, slowly walks to the helicopter. He knows he’s being targeted. At this moment, his life is decided. The final scene of the French film “The Professional” can only be imagined under the heart-wrenching melody of Ennio Morricone.

14. Back to the Future 1985

The restless Marty McFly, the eccentric Doc, the brilliant DeLorean car – what else was needed to rush off into the world of exciting and fun adventures in the future? If only the song is a true quintessence of the 80s.

15. Say something 1989

The melodramatic film starring John Cusack became the prototype of all the huge number of youth comedies that we have seen over the past 20 years. And if you can remember the good films, then the songs have objectively become worse.

16. Karate guy 1984

Any boy in the 80s was fond of karate. This is a fun and motivating movie (song too!) it is useful to review it now – the spirit of a real fighter will not hurt in adulthood.

17. Sea of Love 1989

“Sea of Love” is a crime thriller with the magnificent Al Pacino, in which the vicious sexual tension magically intertwines with the thick and deep voice of Tom Waits.

18. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986

Well, who doesn’t want to take an unscheduled day off? So the main character of this light comedy – a freedom-loving schoolboy Ferris-decides that it’s time to take a break. Instead of boring lessons, he will spend a nice day with friends and even get into various comical and not very situations and scrapes. By the way, you might have heard this same song in another favourite comedy from the 80s – “K9: Dog Work”.

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