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Beckett Soundtrack list – Beckett, an American tourist, leaves Athens, Greece with his girlfriend April to escape political unrest there. While driving to their hotel, at a mountain village in the region of Epirus, Beckett falls asleep at the wheel and crashes their car into a nearby house. April is killed in the accident, but while trapped in the wreck Beckett sees a boy being hurried out of the house by a blonde woman.

The next day Xenakis, a local police officer, interviews Beckett and tells him that he was lucky that the house he crashed into was abandoned; however Beckett tells Xenakis about seeing the boy and the woman. After leaving the police station, Beckett goes back to the house with the intention of killing himself, but before he can do so the blonde woman returns and shoots at him. Xenakis arrives soon after and tells him it is safe to come out of hiding, but after he reveals himself Beckett is wounded in the arm as both the woman and Xenakis shoot at him and give chase. Beckett jumps off a cliff and escapes.

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Beckett SoundTrack Songs List

01. Mountains (1:04)
02. Lost (4:31)
03. Shot (3:21)
04. Another Danger (2:06)
05. Bus Ride (1:24)
06. Train Ride (3:10)
07. Blonde Beast (2:11)
08. Car Ride (1:53)
09. Athens (2:37)
10. Train Ride 2 (0:57)
11. Station Attack (1:28)
12. Embassy (1:10)
13. Requiem (1:36)
14. Run (1:57)
15. Chasing The Blonde (2:37)
16. Slow Motion (1:15)
17. Ticking (0:35)
18. End (3:54)
19. Born to Be (3:13)

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