Barbarians: Season 1 Songs List

Barbarians: Season 1
Written by BeeBee
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Barbarians – The story takes place during the Roman occupation of Germania Magna (an area between the Rhine river and the Elbe) in the latter part of 9 AD . The Romans had occupied the region for twenty years, and the Germanic tribes are oppressed by the empire’s heavy taxes and demands for tribute. Attempts to form a unified Germanic resistance are hampered by petty in-fighting between the tribal chieftains, and the selfish aspirations of certain tribesmen desiring peace with Rome.

Arminius, an eques in the Roman Imperial army, is a member of the Germanic Cherusci tribe who was given away as a hostage to Rome when he was a child, along with his younger brother Flavus, by his father Segimer to ensure peace between his tribe and Rome. He returns to Germania to help Publius Quinctilius Varus (his foster father) maintain order in the region. Upon seeing the atrocities inflicted by Roman soldiers on his former people, he becomes the new chieftain of the Cherusci tribe, and ignites a rebellion by finally uniting the tribes with the help of Thusnelda (daughter of Segestes) and Folkwin Wolfspeer, his two best friends during childhood. These events eventually culminate on the date of September 11, 9 AD in a massive ambush of three Roman legions (some 15,000 men) at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, where the Germanic people emerge victorious. Faced with humiliating defeat and shocked by the treason of his adopted son, Varus commits suicide.

Cabinet of Curiosities Songs List

Barbarians Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Prealudium (1:19)
2. Liberi, silva, villa (1:41)
3. Abductio (2:41)
4. Thusnelda et Folkwin (2:13)
5. Amicitia (2:19)
6. Nefas titulum (2:16)
7. Caverna (3:30)
8. Pater et filius I (1:57)
9. Segestes (2:54)
10. Osculantur aquilae (2:58)
11. Funus (3:34)
12. Nuptialem noctem (2:18)
13. Cruces cadere (1:33)
14. Pater et filius II (1:21)
15. Mirum (1:53)
16. Arminius advenit (2:08)
17. Ansgar immolator (4:05)
18. Suum consilium (2:53)
19. Thusnelda gravida est (3:44)
20. Requiem Varus (6:31)

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