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Bandslam Soundtrack list – Will Burton is a music enthusiast and a David Bowie fan. When Will’s mother Karen finds a new job, he switches to a new school, which he is eager to do since he was bullied at his previous one. During lunch one day at his new school, he meets a girl who says her name is written Sa5m (pronounced Sam; the 5 is silent). She tells him about Bandslam, an annual music competition in which the winning band gets a recording contract. Will and Sa5m quickly become friends but, shortly after, he is sought after by an older girl named Charlotte Barnes. Impressed by his eclectic knowledge of music, Charlotte, who is a gifted singer-songwriter, asks Will to manage her rock/ska band.

Will agrees to help Charlotte’s band (later called I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On) which includes Bug and Omar, eventually expanding it with more like-minded outcasts. The group’s sound starts to come together and their prospects for success look bright. Will starts losing his “loser-status”, but the band gets in the way of completing a class project he was doing with Sa5m. After spending a day with Sa5m, Charlotte teaches Will how to properly kiss a girl, by demonstrating on him that night. Will takes Sa5m to the overlook and, after an awkward start, successfully kisses her, after which Sa5m shyly asks Will to accompany her to a movie screening, to which he agrees. However, Will stands up Sa5m, instead going to a concert with Charlotte. After that, Sa5m starts ignoring Will at school; so he visits her house, hoping to apologize. Her mom shows him a video of a younger Sa5m performing “Everything I Own”, but when Sa5m arrives home she is outraged and orders Will to leave. As an apology, he makes a touching documentary short about her for his Human Studies project and she eventually forgives him.

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Bandslam SoundTrack Songs List

01. David Bowie – Rebel Rebel (4:30)
02. Aly Michalka – Amphetamine / I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On (3:17)
03. Shack – 24 Hours (4:12)
04. Honor Society – Where Are You Now (3:49)
05. Seventeen Evergreen – Lunar One (3:59)
06. The Velvet Underground – Femme Fatale (2:39)
07. Exist – Twice Is Too Much (4:15)
08. Nick Drake – Road (2:01)
09. Aly Michalka – Someone To Fall Back On / I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On (4:17)
10. Aly Michalka – I Want You To Want Me (3:35)
11. Scott Porter and Glory Dogs – Pretend (4:24)
12. The Burning Hotels – Stuck In The Middle (3:16)
13. The Daze – Blizzard Woman Blues (3:27)
14. Vanessa Hudgens – Everything I Own / I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On (5:40)
15. Wilco – What Light (3:34)

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