Baelin’s Route Songs List

Baelin’s Route
Written by BeeBee
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Baelin’s Route Soundtrack list – An NPC set in the video-game ‘Skycraft’ finds himself escorting a young NPC girl to safety through the harsh fantasy world of Azerim.

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Baelin’s Route SoundTrack Songs List

01. Nice Day for Fishin’ Ain’t It (1:07)
02. Stroll Through Honeywood (3:01)
03. Willow (2:14)
04. Guards of Wraith (2:23)
05. Delethin Is This Way (1:44)
06. Baelin Snaps (0:52)
07. Can We Sit for a Moment (2:18)
08. Are We Huggers, Should We Hug (1:31)
09. I Haven’t Been Completely Honest with You (2:59)
10. Baelin Returns to Honeywood (3:06)

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