Baddie Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Baddie Soundtrack list – In a world fuelled with drugs and prostitution, Georgia is slowly falling deeper down the rabbit hole. When her degree doesn’t come with the promises she was given, she is pulled onto a dark path which her friends, Lacey and Ty are much familiar with. In desperation for money and belonging, Georgia the innocent little graduate, fights with the addiction that comes with the lifestyle.

Louloute Songs List

Baddie SoundTrack Songs List

01. I Want the Whole World (1:51)
02. The Soft Place In Between (2:09)
03. Limp In Lean Out (1:41)
04. Actin’ Different (0:35)
05. Glitter Tears (1:01)
06. The Soft Place In Between (Reprise) (2:12)

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