And Just Like That Songs List

And Just Like That
Written by BeeBee
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And Just Like That – The women of “Sex and the City” transition from the friendship they had in their 30s to a more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis return as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, respectively, whereas Samantha has moved to London since Kim Cattrall chose not to reprise her role. Chris Noth, Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg and Evan Handler all return to portray their characters from the original series. Willie Garson, who died Sept. 21, 2021, appears as Stanford Blatch in his final television role.

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And Just Like That Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Hello Lovers (1:27)
2. Big Dies (1:28)
3. Carrie Checks in the Hospital (0:53)
4. Seema and Mr. Bayshore (1:19)
5. I Kissed a Man (1:41)
6. Carrie at the Cafe (1:17)
7. Miranda Goes to LA (1:29)
8. Halston and Seema’s Dad (1:20)
9. Carrie and the Dishwasher (1:22)
10. Anthony and Carrie at the Surgeon’s Office (1:40)
11. Coffee Montage (2:34)
12. Funeral (1:08)
13. Carrie’s Texting (0:52)
14. Losing the Ring (1:08)
15. Carrie and Miranda Walk down the Plaza / Natasha’s in Rome (0:52)
16. Carrie in Her Apartment (2:25)
17. Some of My Best Friends (1:10)
18. Hot Boys Let Carrie into Her Apartment (1:19)
19. Hello It’s Me (Instrumental) (1:21)
20. Hipster Challah (1:11)
21. Back to the Old Apartment (1:15)
22. Carrie Talks to Charlotte / Miranda Dumps the Alcohol (1:54)
23. Big’s Computer / Date with Peter (2:27)
24. I Went on a Date, You Happy? (1:30)
25. Lisette (1:00)

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