An American Affair Songs List

An American Affair
Written by BeeBee
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An American Affair Soundtrack list – In the early 1960s, teenager Adam Stafford (Cameron Bright) becomes obsessed with his new neighbor, Catherine Caswell (Gretchen Mol), a divorcée and free spirit. Stafford spies on Caswell as she meets with strange men, and, despite the warnings of his conservative parents, he begins working for her as a gardener. Amid rumors of her affair with President Kennedy, the two become close, but political intrigue surrounding her acquaintances soon infringes on their friendship.

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An American Affair SoundTrack Songs List

01. Waltz №1 (2:40)
02. Open Letters (1:53)
03. Bedroom Window (1:49)
04. The Walk Home (1:16)
05. A New Plan (0:46)
06. The Diary (2:59)
07. Death Of A President (3:00)
08. Premonition (0:51)
09. What Is Unknown (1:16)
10. Catherine’s Tango (1:59)
11. Waltz №2 (1:24)
12. Stolen Diary (2:25)
13. Fight (0:39)
14. Adam And Catherine’s Tango (4:30)
15. Form Is Dead (3:03)

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