Amityville Dollhouse Songs List

Amityville Dollhouse
Written by BeeBee
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Amityville Dollhouse Soundtrack list – Newlyweds Bill and Claire Martin move their new family into a new house constructed by Bill himself. Shortly after moving in, Bill finds a dollhouse (modeled after 112 Ocean Avenue) in the shed. He brings it into the house and puts it in the garage. Later that night, Bill notices the fireplace in the house turns on by itself, heating the entire home. He has a hallucination of his daughter Jessica burning to death in the fireplace. The following morning, Claire finds the dollhouse in the garage and suggests giving it to Jessica for her birthday. At her birthday party, Jessica’s aunt Marla and uncle Tobias arrive. Jessica is elated over the dollhouse and finds a chest of miniature dolls inside it. Her aunt and uncle, however, seem inexplicably nervous regarding the toys.

In the ensuing days, numerous strange incidents occur: Jimmy, Claire’s eldest son, loses his pet mouse, which finds its way into the dollhouse; simultaneously, Jessica is confronted by an enormous white mouse hiding under her bed. Claire also begins to have unexpected sexual urges toward Todd, Bill’s eldest son, and fantasizes about him while having sex with Bill. Nightmares plague Bill about voodoo dolls, demons, and his family being murdered. In conversation with Marla, Bill reveals he suffered from similar dreams as a child, including a premonitory dream of his parents dying in a fire, which came true. Jimmy also experiences supernatural visitations from his deceased father, who appears to him as a decaying zombie, urging him to murder Bill.

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Amityville Dollhouse SoundTrack Songs List

1. Main Title (2:50)
2. Dana / Dead Dad (4:51)
3. Todd’s Photo (1:56)
4. The Seance (2:19)
5. The Wasp (1:59)
6. More Dead Dad (3:20)
7. The Battle (7:24)
8. I Had A Dream (1:08)
9. It’s Alive (1:55)
10. Bill’s Dream (1:14)
11. You Did This (0:46)
12. Father (2:29)
13. Claire’s Fantasy (1:28)
14. Monster Mouse (0:32)
15. Dana 451 (2:06)
16. The Shed (1:32)
17. Dig We Must (2:21)
18. A Rotten Day (1:35)
19. Dad Again (0:46)
20. Along Came A Spider (0:42)
21. Epilogue (3:08)

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