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Amistad Soundtrack list – The schooner La Amistad is transporting black slaves off the coast of the Spanish colony of Cuba in 1839. A captive, Cinqué, leads an uprising against the crew, most of whom are killed. Two navigators, Pedro Montez and Jose Ruiz, are spared on condition they help sail the ship to Africa. The Spaniards predictably betray them and instead sail into US waters, where the ship is stopped by the U.S. revenue cutter Washington, and the mutineers are arrested.

A complicated legal battle ensues over the slaves. United States Attorney William S. Holabird brings charges of piracy and murder against them, but they are simultaneously claimed as property both by Montez & Ruiz, and as salvage by two officers from the Washington. The Spanish government of Queen Isabella[a] intervenes in support of Montez & Ruiz, under the Treaty of San Lorenzo. To avoid a diplomatic incident, President Martin Van Buren directs his Secretary of State John Forsyth to support the Spanish claim. Meanwhile, abolitionist Lewis Tappan and his black associate Theodore Joadson (a former slave), resolve to help the captives. They approach the brilliant lawyer, former US president and serving U.S. representative John Quincy Adams, but he is reluctant to get involved. They instead hire the young and eccentric attorney Roger Sherman Baldwin.

Baldwin, unable to converse directly with his clients due to the language barrier, suspects the slaves are not Cubans but Africans who have been kidnapped and transported illegally as part of the banned transatlantic slave trade. He and Joadson search La Amistad and find documents which prove the captives were kidnapped from Sierra Leone and transported across the Atlantic aboard the Portuguese slave ship Tecora before being transferred to La Amistad in Havana. The judge is impressed and signals his intention to dismiss the US and Spanish governments’ case and release the captives.

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Amistad SoundTrack Songs List

1. Introduction And Retribution 4:40
2. July 4, 1839 4:04
3. Steering East 1:27
4. The Capture 5:00
5. Introducing John Quincy Adams 5:15
6. Meeting Of The Minds 3:58
7. Counsel Meets Client 1:36
8. The Ship Remembers 5:32
9. Visiting Adams 1:32
10. What Is Their Story? 3:44
11. Learning To Count 1:57
12. Tale Of The Lion’s Tooth 5:48
13. The Capture Of Cinqué 4:03
14. The Crossing 4:41
15. Tales Of Horror 7:40
16. Discovering The Bible 5:05
17. Prisoners’ Song 1:33
18. The Letter To Massachusetts 2:09
19. Cinqué’s Legal Mind 2:26
20. African Violet 5:33

Disc 2: Amistad – 25th Anniversary Edition
1. Adams’ Address To The Court 7:21
2. Adams’ Summation (Film Version) 3:01
3. The Verdict 5:10
4. Liberation Of Lomboko: Dry Your Tears, Afrika 2:17
5. Going Home 2:05
6. Dry Your Tears, Afrika (Reprise) 3:37
7. The Long Road To Justice 3:19
8. ADDITIONAL MUSIC: Cinqué’s Theme 4:13
9. Introduction (Alternate) 1:12
10. The Capture (Alternate) 5:02
11. Harbor Tavern 3:05
12. Cinqué’s Theme (Solo Flute) 2:07
13. Meeting Of The Minds (Instrumental Version) 3:45
14. The Ship Remembers (Alternate) 5:26
15. What Is Their Story? (Alternate) 3:33
16. The Crossing (Alternate) 4:23
17. Tales Of Horror (Alternate Excerpt) 3:19
18. Discovering The Bible (Alternate) 5:11
19. Cinqué’s Memories Of Home 2:39
20. Going Home (Alternate) 2:06
21. Dry Your Tears, Afrika (Alternate) 3:35

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