Always Chasing Love Songs List

Always Chasing Love
Written by BeeBee
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Always Chasing Love Soundtrack list – In a world where all languages are prevalent, an emotionally compromised woman, Jennifer Anderson (Sharon Savene), who was raised by the foster care system and struggles with shame, self-acceptance, love, and honesty, is determined to gain access to sealed records about her birth. When she does, Jennifer abruptly sets out on a decisive mission to finally find her birth parents, but not without inadvertently triggering a domino effect of colliding love stories and heartbreak that leads to Detective Simon Willis (Phillip Watkins) and the SLPD’s investigation of an unexpected crime of passion.

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Always Chasing Love SoundTrack Songs List

1. The Chase (Prelude) (Jacob Yoffee) 0:47
2. Opening Title (Jacob Yoffee) 1:45
3. On – Scene Investigation (Jacob Yoffee 2:04
4. Remember When (Jacob Yoffee) 0:58
5. The One (Jacob Yoffee) 2:10
6. At the Pier (Russell Kirk) 1:04
7. The Funeral (Jacob Yoffee) 1:50
8. Hoping This Will Be the One (Jacob Yoffee) 1:45
9. Depression And Booze Plunging (Russell Kirk) 0:55
10. Unpacking Memories (Jacob Yoffee) 1:42
11. Housekeeping (Jacob Yoffee) 1:25
12. Despair (Jacob Yoffee) 2:14
13. Old Lovers Meet (Jacob Yoffee) 2:20
14. Caught & Chase (Jacob Yoffee) 2:33
15. Jennifer’s Mother (Jacob Yoffee) 0:56
16. Love – Finally (Jacob Yoffee) 2:33

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