Alegria Songs List

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Alegria Soundtrack list – Movie about the jewish ancestry of the spanish city of Melilla. It tries to explains the reasons to live life and the historical memory through the experience of their main actresses. It tells the story of Alegría, a woman that lives turning her back on her jewish ancestry, but since she moved to Melilla and moved to her parents house its not being easy at all.

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Alegria SoundTrack Songs List

01. Alegria [Version Inedit] (4:23)
02. Frac’s Room/Frac and Train/Frac Andgiulietta (4:32)
03. Love Leaves Someone Behind (4:04)
04. Opera/Fleur’s Trailer (2:58)
05. Mirko/Vai Vedrai (5:53)
06. Love Leaves Someone Behind/Chase/Factory (3:57)
07. Herv (2:09)
08. Child in His Eyes (4:26)
09. Wedding (1:42)
10. Irna (2:49)
11. Herv/Giulietta and Fleur (3:54)
12. Filet/Make-Up/Let Love Live [Instrumental] (3:11)
13. Mountain of Clothes (4:34)
14. Let Love Live [Instrumental] (2:36)
15. Let Love Live (4:03)

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