Albino Alligator Songs List

Albino Alligator
Written by BeeBee
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Albino Alligator Soundtrack list – When a robbery in New Orleans ends in disaster, the mercurial burglar Dova (Matt Dillon) escapes with his cohorts to a seedy, nearby bar. Capturing all those inside, the criminals trade barbs with the establishment’s feisty bartender Janet Boudreaux (Faye Dunaway).

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Albino Alligator SoundTrack Songs List

01. Arrival (5:03)
02. Doggie Dog (1:53)
03. Slow Town (2:35)
04. Preparation (3:19)
05. Miscalculation (1:45)
06. Aftermath (4:40)
07. Tunnel (5:02)
08. Albo Gator (4:19)
09. The Promise (4:37)
10. The City (5:47)
11. The Kicker (1:29)
12. Exit (4:17)
13. Ill Wind (You’re Blowing Me No Good) [voc. by Jimmy Scott and Michael Stipe] (3:36)

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