Afterlife of the Party Songs List

Afterlife of the Party
Written by BeeBee
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Afterlife of the Party Soundtrack list – Cassie and Lisa have been best friends since first grade. Now as adults, their interests and social lives have changed. Cassie is a fun-loving party animal, while Lisa lives a secluded life away from most social interaction. One day, Cassie convinces Lisa to go out to a party and before leaving they meet Max, who lives a very similar life to Lisa, moving in next door. Max and Lisa seem to take a liking to one another.

Cassie and Lisa head to a club and get into an argument soon after when some of Cassie’s acquaintances want to head to other parties and Lisa chooses to leave. During the argument, Lisa points out that their friendship has changed and that Cassie is always trying to pretend to be someone else and they realize that they no longer have anything in common. They part ways and later that evening Cassie heads home and passes out in her room.

When Cassie wakes up, she goes to the bathroom hungover, trips and hits her head on the toilet resulting in her death. She awakens in a room and meets Val, an angel handler who explains that Cassie has been dead for over a year and before reaching the “Afterlife party in Heaven” has a list of people she needs to help as a guardian angel. The list includes her best friend Lisa, her father and her mother Sofia. However, Cassie has to try to figure out the best way to help each of them before time runs out.

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Afterlife of the Party SoundTrack Songs List

01. Blush (3:07)
02. Drive (2:32)
03. Home (3:20)
04. One Look (3:26)
05. Score Suite (8:29)

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