After the Screaming Stops Songs List

After the Screaming Stops
Written by BeeBee
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After the Screaming Stops Soundtrack list – The youngest ever band to play at Wembley, Bros’ 1980s fame was short-lived despite incredible successes. 28 years later, they reunite both personally and as a band, to reconnect and explore the aftermath of fame.

The Aftermath Songs List

After the Screaming Stops SoundTrack Songs List

01. Two Worlds Collide (3:04)
02. H.O.M.E. (2:04)
03. The Thinking Man’s Reality Show (1:46)
04. After The Screaming Stops (2:28)
05. The Illusion of Pyros (2:12)
06. The Philosophy of Fools (1:49)
07. We Don’t Have The Time Rome Had (4:49)
08. The End of Bros? (1:49)
09. 20 Times Bitten (2:24)
10. Full of Light (4:13)
11. The Genesis of New Beginnings (2:40)
12. Two Rectangles, One Fortress (2:11)
13. When Will I Be Famous, Live at the O2 (3:17)
14. Garden of Forgiveness (3:56)

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