A Violent Man Songs List

A Violent Man
Written by BeeBee
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A Violent Man Songs List Soundtrack list – Steve Mackleson is a dangerous prisoner, incarcerated for double murder in a maximum security prison. As he navigates his struggle against redemption, the system and his inner turmoil, a young black gang member becomes his unlikely new cell mate.

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A Violent Man Songs List SoundTrack Songs List

1. Prologue 4:58
2. I deserve to be here 4:10
3. Don’t tell me not to defend myself 4:15
4. Leave this place be 3:30
5. They want me to talk you down 5:17
6. I don’t feel nothing 6:27
7. I’m my father’s son 3:59
8. Two choices 3:23
9. You’re being taken for a mug 4:06
10. There’s always a way out of it 2:55
11. My duty to you will be done 6:33

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