A Strange Loop Songs List

A Strange Loop
Written by BeeBee
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A Strange Loop Soundtrack list – After work, Usher sings about how he plans “to change this show for the better” as his Thoughts interject, reminding him of his self-loathing, student loans, issues on Black pride, and his repressed sexuality. Usher wants to change himself, but his Thoughts are too disruptive (“Today”). He gets a call from his mother, who asks about “what’s going on in [his] life” and reminds him of the work she and his father (both named after characters in The Lion King) went through to raise him.

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A Strange Loop SoundTrack Songs List

01. Intermission Song (4:36)
02. Today (3:22)
03. We Wanna Know (2:01)
04. Inner White Girl (3:34)
05. Didn’t Want Nothin’ (1:54)
06. Exile in Gayville (4:16)
07. Second Wave (3:32)
08. Tyler Perry Writes Real Life (5:11)
09. Writing a Gospel Play (5:05)
10. A Sympathetic Ear (1:47)
11. Inwood Daddy (3:58)
12. Boundaries (3:02)
13. Periodically (4:27)
14. Didn’t Want Nothin’ Reprise (0:57)
15. Precious Little Dream / AIDS Is God’s Punishment (7:38)
16. Memory Song (3:45)
17. A Strange Loop (3:40)

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