A Stitch in Time Songs List

A Stitch in Time
Written by BeeBee
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A Stitch in Time Soundtrack list – Norman Pitkin is an apprentice to Mr Grimsdale, an old fashioned butcher. When the shop is raided by a young thug (Johnny Briggs), Mr Grimsdale (at Norman’s suggestion), puts his gold watch in his mouth for safe-keeping. This results in Mr Grimsdale accidentally swallowing the watch and being sent to hospital. Whilst visiting Mr Grimsdale, Norman (in his usual way) inadvertently causes chaos all over the hospital. He meets a girl called Lindy who hasn’t spoken since her parents died in an aeroplane accident. Banned from the hospital, Norman is unable to visit Lindy so he and Mr Grimsdale join the St John Ambulance Brigade which gives him the opportunity to visit her. The usual pandemonium ensues. In the end Lindy visits him at a charity ball where the St John Ambulance Brigade Band are performing. The ball descends into the inevitable shambles, caused entirely by Norman. However, Norman redeems himself (and the reputation of the Brigade) who’s ambulance drove of all by itself, when he addresses those attending the ball and everyone donates money for the charity. The next day Norman dreamed he’s back in hospital

Uncharted Songs List

A Stitch in Time SoundTrack Songs List

1. Yellow Dress 1:20
2. Turning to God 1:16
3. Morning 1:16
4. Reunion 3:44
5. Daring to Try (I) 2:34
6. Daring to Try (II) 0:42
7. Daring to Try (III) 0:45
8. Leaving Duncan (Fly Away) 4:30
9. Travelling to Market 1:33
10. New Sewing Machine 2:41
11. Duncan Finds Liebe 1:11
12. Betrayal 3:15
13. Alone Like Never Before 0:39
14. A New Home 2:51
15. I Am the Instrument 1:56
16. Sick But Still Creating 1:12
17. Searching for Liebe 2:26
18. Forgiving the Past 1:42
19. I’ve Never Been Happier 4:40
20. Duncan’s Last Days 6:40
21. End Credits 4:09

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