A Single Shot Songs List

A Single Shot
Written by BeeBee
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A Single Shot Soundtrack list – John Moon’s wife recently took their son and left. Before John’s father died, he was unable to pay the mortgage on the farm, and it was sold. John is depressed and an emotional wreck. He lives in poverty in rural West Virginia, feeding himself by hunting deer. While illegally stalking a deer with a shotgun on Nature Conservancy land, he accidentally shoots and kills a young woman. He then finds a box containing $100,000 in the abandoned van where she was hiding. He hides the woman’s body in a shipping container.

During the following days, he attempts to reconcile with his wife. He contacts a local attorney to try to negotiate for his wife and son’s return home and leaves the attorney several hundred dollars, drawing the attorneys’ attention. John visits his son at his wife’s apartment and interrupts the babysitter having sex with a recently released convict who has returned home. As he leaves he is threatened by a stranger who resents his glance.

John returns to his trailer and finds that someone has trashed it, apparently looking for the money. The dead girl’s body is on his bed with a note. His wife shows up and wants to come inside and get her clothing, but John refuses. John visits the attorney and threatens him with a pistol, trying to force him to reveal what he knows. All he learns is that his wife was concerned about where John got the money and wants to talk to him. Later, while he is in his trailer, someone shoots and kills his dog. In another incident a rock wrapped in a note threatening his family is thrown through the trailer window. John suspects the ex-con is responsible for these events. He enters the ex-con’s motel room and is interrupted by the ex-con’s return. He hides in the louvered closet. The stranger from outside the diner arrives at the hotel room and asks the ex-con if he’s “gotten the money back”. The ex-con tells him that the woman who had the money has died and the stranger is furious. John sees him slit the ex-con’s throat. The ex-con falls into the closet and sees John, but is unable to talk before he dies. John manages to avoid detection and goes home.

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A Single Shot SoundTrack Songs List

01. A Single Shot (1:07)
02. Opening (3:20)
03. Remembering (4:20)
04. The John Moon Variations: Movement 1 – The Shot (7:00)
05. The John Moon Variations: Movement 2 – Late Night Call (8:31)
06. The John Moon Variations: Movement 3 – Showdown (9:46)
07. Finale (8:26)

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