À plein temps (Full Time) Songs List

À plein temps (Full Time)
Written by BeeBee
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À plein temps (Full Time) Soundtrack list

Julie is a woman who runs. A mother separated from her husband, she struggles to raise her two children alone, lives in the countryside and works in Paris, as the first chambermaid in a palace. Every day is a race against time: will she manage to catch her RER, will she get to school on time, will she be late for work, everything becomes a suspense.

A transport strike and demonstrations in the streets of the capital are sources of additional difficulties. Despite substitute buses, hitchhiking and carpooling, she arrives late for work and suffers criticism from her manager. In the evening, she is also late to pick up her children from the nanny.

Julie works as a housekeeper while waiting to find a management position corresponding to her training. Called to a job interview, she has to take time off work, a source of additional conflict with the hotel management.

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À plein temps (Full Time) SoundTrack Songs List

1. Lundi matin (6:17)
2. Lundi soir (3:46)
3. Mardi matin (3:12)
4. Mardi matin Paris (0:47)
5. Mardi après-midi (2:03)
6. Mardi soir (2:28)
7. Mercredi matin (0:39)
8. Mercredi soir (4:48)
9. Jeudi matin (4:09)
10. Jeudi soir (1:29)
11. Vendredi matin (1:09)
12. Vendredi soir (2:38)
13. Encore lundi matin (4:38)

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