A Perfect Murder Songs List

A Perfect Murder
Written by BeeBee
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A Perfect Murder Soundtrack list – When Steven, a millionaire industrialist, learns that his wife is having an affair with David, an artist, he offers him an extravagant amount of money to kill her in a perfect scheme of revenge.

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 A Perfect Murder SoundTrack Songs List

01. Main Title (2:59)
02. Ever Been to Be to Belize? (2:13)
03. That’s Not Happiness to See Me (1:59)
04. It’s Too Late (3:09)
05. Intruder (3:20)
06. The Attack (2:05)
07. He’s in the Kitchen (2:55)
08. Safe Deposit Box (1:51)
09. Can You Ever Forgive Me? (6:09)
10. You Take Care (1:54)
11. What Happens If…? (1:51)

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