A Kidnap Songs List

A Kidnap
Written by BeeBee
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A Kidnap Soundtrack list – Waitress Karla Dyson takes her six-year-old son, Frankie, to a carnival. She receives a call from her lawyer discussing a custody battle over Frankie. Karla ends the call and realizes she has lost sight of her son. She looks for him but can only find his toy voice recorder. In the parking lot, she arrives just in time to see a woman dragging her son into a green Ford Mustang driven by a male. Karla initially chases after them on foot, and drops her phone, before entering her vehicle and driving after them.

The two kidnappers evade Karla by tossing a spare tire into a busy highway and causing a pile-up and then threatening to kill Frankie with a knife. Karla learns the female captor’s name is Margo through a recording from her son’s toy. She purposely attracts the attention of a police officer on a motorcycle and explains the situation to him but the kidnappers kill him.

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A Kidnap SoundTrack Songs List

1. Opening scene 1:11
2. Are you O.K.? 1:14
3. Say you understand – Don’t talk about me 2:17
4. Who is There ? 1:00
5. Leave Her Alone – Vodka 1:01
6. Mystery Cello – By the Way 1:17
7. The Knife 1:32
8. It’s You and I 1:49
9. Killing 2:06
10. The Glass – Fighting 2:31
11. The Banana 2:53
12. Are you OK ? (Mix 2) 1:09
13. The Gun 1:53
14. It’s You and I (Mix 2) 1:13
15. You Are A Liar 1:31
16. Killing (Long Version) 2:07
17. Try it – The End of the Game 4:57
18. Dear One 4:16

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