A Handful of Dust Songs List

A Handful of Dust
Written by BeeBee
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A Handful of Dust Soundtrack list – English aristocrat Tony Last (James Wilby) welcomes tragedy into his life when he invites John Beaver (Rupert Graves) to visit his vast estate. There Beaver makes the acquaintance of Tony’s wife, Brenda (Kristin Scott Thomas). Together, they continue their relationship in a series of bedroom assignations in London. Trusting to a fault, Tony is unaware that anything is amiss until his wife suddenly asks for a divorce. With his life in turmoil, Tony goes on a haphazard journey to South America.

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A Handful of Dust SoundTrack Songs List

1. A Handful Of Dust Main Title 3:49
2. Meeting Mr Beaver 2:49
3. Café De Paris 1:11
4. Learning to Be Nicer 1:56
5. Moving Away, Pt. 1 2:43
6. A Course in Economics? 3:36
7. Weekend Episodes 3:45
8. Talking Pipes 1:21
9. A New Outlook 3:08
10. Moving Away, Pt. 2 (Adagio) 3:32
11. The Falls 2:22
12. Trying to Please 2:03
13. Pivari Party/A Time of Waiting 2:47
14. Memorial (End Credits) 6:38

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